Cheap Renovation for new HDB BTO
Looking for Cheap Renovation for new HDB BTO?
Are you looking for a cheaper / simple / basic / low cost and comfort feel renovation for your home / shop / office?

Great. You have found the correct and proper route to get it done. is the neutral coordination entity to cater to you and the contractors out there with our free advice and quotation online.

You can read more on the Advantages and Best Approaches and Advices on this.
Advantages on Cheap Renovation for new HDB BTO?
List of Advantages on a Budget / Cheap , Basic / Simple Renovation for your new Home / Shop / Office

  • Less payment for renovation, means more $$ for your holidays instead
  • Less loan and debts, means you can have more $$ for your kids/other things/business in the future
  • Clear thinking while at home with Basic Stuff. A research have indicated that smart people homes are simple and basic. Good example: Mentor Lee Kuan Yew(the house renovation is super basic)
  • Most Smarter people are living in Basic Style Homes(Eg; Mentor Lee Kuan Yew)
  • Simple/Basic Homes are easier to add things later on. As for heavily renovated homes, less choices can be done
  • More Space for movement for Basic Renovation due to less things to renovate which needs space
  • More Space for innovation/creative when time passed due to your thinking will mature and kids will grow up. Even New Business need some space in the shop space
  • As the chinese phrase(Jian Dan Jiu shi mei), Simple means pretty. This is a true phrase for the past few thousands years
  • Around 80% of Interior designs have the same design in renovation, why pay so high for common designs?

  • With these reasons, surely you will think about it before engaging high price interior designers. Do it right by engaging us with some best approaches and advices.

    About is an online self-service platform for New HDB/Condominum/Shop Owners to get their place renovated. helps on
  • Renovating for HDB BTO at low price
  • Free quotation online and suggestion
  • Promoting Smart Home at lower price
  • Promoting Safer home for elders living
  • Renovating with a group of trusted material suppliers, contractors and installers
  • No Minimum price on quotation(Even only buy/rent and install lightings, will do for you)

  • Get your Renovation quotation at

    Additionally, if you are not staying in your new BTO flat/Condominum after renovation due to overseas assignment. We do provide Property Maintenance Checks such as quarterly visit checks, weekly mailbox scanning, mailbox flyers clearing at doors/gates/letterbox starting a low price of 20cents a day which can prevent your house to be detected as dengue spot(due to rain water/toiletbowl water), break-in due to neighbours know that you are away, unauthorise usage by illegal people to live there.

    You can check more at Be safe, notified than sorry.
    The online store with a physical shopfront for you to test before buying
    We prevent you from any scams/cheats/misleading product quality and buying online
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